About Me

Hi my name is Daniel Peel, I am a guide in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. With over six years in the tourism and guiding industry, I have  been privileged enough to work in some over the most beautiful places in Zimbabwe has to offer as well as having experience in the South African bushveld as well.

I was born in Zimbabwe, and grew up on a cattle farm, called Dandesha in the Northern part of Zimbabwe. I then moved to England to complete my secondary education, after which I moved back to Africa to become a guide, starting off in South Africa, in moved back to Zimbabwe.

Guiding in the Lowveld

I am passionate about the african bush and am eager and enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge and experiences as well as intrepreting animal behaviour and tracks and signs to international guests.

I have started this blog to hopefully share my experience with you, and support the conservation efforts of Africa.


One Response to About Me

  1. Jacob says:

    Hello Daniel,

    You LUCKY FISH, you’ve left U.K. & you are back in Sunny Africa. Great For You. l was referred to your Great blog by your baba (dad) & your mum (boo) from their website.

    l am orrginally a Hararian Shona born and educated there at a Roman Catholic Jesuit Boarding High School in Borrowdale. l have been a lover of the outdoors, visiting Lovon Bird Gardens e.t.c. and spending some holidays on the Zambezi (Kariba), been to Vic Falls once (when l was in middle primary school) and really loved the AZambezi Lodge (about the time your dad became one of the pioneers of white water rafting).

    My wife is a Zulu Durbanite, and l was planning to respond to the ‘Call Of The Wild’ once again (which l’m sure you can relate to after having lived in England too), and definitely l will come to Africa On Foot.

    It also just happened to be that l’m thinking of doing some wildlife photography, taxonomy e.t.c. & visiting the famous Kruger National Park & Addo Elephant Park, now l definitely know whom i’ld like to be my Guide.

    My regards to your parents and siblings. Keep The Faith !!!


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