Field Guide to Photographing Victoria FallsTravelling to Victoria Falls? Or know someone who is?

How to Photograph Victoria Falls,

is The Ultimate Field Guide to

Photographing Victoria Falls.

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It attracts thousands of visitors a year, who all come to experience its might.

Most will try photograph it, but few will succeed in capturing its true  beauty.

This comprehensive 25 page E-book covers every aspect of photographing Victoria Falls. It is filled with examples of my own photographs, depicting how, where and when I took them. Covering everything from Sunrise and Sunset, Rainbows, Water levels and the best viewpoints to take the best photos from, as well as my personal technique that has taken years of trial and error to perfect.

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1. Introduction-

A short introduction to Victoria Falls, its history and geography. As well as a brief history about myself.

2. Equipment-

All the basic equipment you will need to photograph the falls, including cameras, accessories and protection for your equipment.

3. Time of Day and Light


The best time of day to visit the falls and what light conditions you are likely to encounter.

4. Rainbows-

How rainbows are formed, and how they will behave throughout the day. Includes the best places to see them from and at what time of day.

5. Water Levels and Spray-

How the different seasons affect the water levels of the falls. What is the best time of year to see the falls. and how the seasons change the amounts of spray in the air.

6. Sunrise and Sunset-

Which viewpoints are best to see the sunrise and sunset and at which times of year.

7. Technique-

My personal tricks to protect my camera equipment from water damage, as well as secrets and hints that have taken me years to discover.

8. Viewpoints-

Illustrated with a map of the pathways surrounding Victoria Falls, I describe every viewpoint and what you are likely to see from there, as well as the best times of day-

1. Zimbabwe-

I have set out 16 individual viewpoints each described in detail.

2. Zambia-

I have set out 7 viewpoints on the Zambian side of the falls and explained what can be seen from each one.

9. Other Places to

Photograph the Falls-

Other options for photographing the falls, as well as places of interest.


  • “Brilliant info, thanks” – Graham Sinclear
  • “Can definately recommend this e-book, really helped in planning my trip to see Victoria Falls.”- Linda Schreiber
  • “Made life so much easier!”- Ian Morgan
  • “This e-book made my trip to Vic Falls so much easier. All this stuff I would have had to find out the hard way, saved me so much time, thank you.”- Jane Ramsay

If this book does not help your photography we will give you your full money back.

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