About This Blog

There are a number of sections to this site, above you will see my portfolio of travel writing, wildlife photography and articles about specific animals and their behavior.

I have named this site ‘Conservation in Southern Africa’, and through this introduction I would like to share with you my aspirations, and what I would ultimately like to achieve.

The name ‘Conservation in Southern Africa’ comes from my deepest desire for Africa and the world as a whole, Conservation!

Conservation of our most important asset this planet has to offer. The core of our very existence as human beings- Nature, Wildlife and the Ecology of the many and extremely diverse Wild places of this very special planet.

My views on Conservation revolve around education, as a key aspect to survival of individual species, and indirectly other species. As the demise of one species starts to take effect it influences the whole ecosystem, either making it more or less favourable for other species to survive.

Let me explain this statement, every part of the ecosystem is in perfect balance, as nature has designed it and it has worked for thousands of years before the influence of man arrived. It will carry on working in perfect harmony, unless there are un-natural factors affecting the system introducing the Human species. As much as there is an argument that we are a natural part of the system, our influences have over taken us, leading to the exploitation of the natural assets of the world. Great examples are the logging of natural forests in almost all continents, leading to destruction of habitats. Another example is the poaching of one of the most gentle of giants of this modern world, the Rhino!

So saying that, what is important to me is the education of the human population of the world. Understanding of nature, leads to understanding of how the human influence is devastating this planet.

Through this blog I would like to try open your eyes to the wonders of nature. Through that I hope I will at least help Conservation efforts in a small way.

Please enjoy.



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